Delighted by great color for your branding?

Some of our older content was weighed down by old visuals. Looking for a way to update it and tie it in to our newer ecommerce offerings for woodworking machines, I am delighted by the inspiration offered by Kuler.

With ecommerce for industrial  woodworking machinery and parts, we offer a service that assists our customers as well as our competition’s customers. It is a profitable way of attracting self qualified buyers in our industry, as well as reaching out to different geographic regions where we normally would sell far less.

Are you delighted by great color for your branding? If not try kuler If nothing else it is a great place to easily document the rgb and hex values for each site you design.

And check out our Volusion based ecommerce site for Steff brand and Maggi Engineering brand products we import exclusively from Italy for woodworking feeders, boring machines and parts at  – and let me know how you like our color scheme. More to come soon with Woodworking Machinery Parts from Whirlwind Saws.

What I am playing with today
What I am playing with today

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